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Manny Piña is all of us with this rousing karaoke performance of 'Hotel California'

It's been a long, long week, but do you know what? It's Friday.

It's time to go out and celebrate another successful five days counting stocks, chopping down trees or doing whatever it is you do. It's time to sing some karaoke at your local watering hole with your favorite coworkers. Fortunately for us, Manny Piña started his foray into song a bit early on Friday morning in Phoenix and his coworker Jesus Aguilar posted the performance on Twitter.

You can really feel Piña's energy once the chorus hits. He stands up and holds his hands out to his sides, seemingly inviting us in to join him. Hopefully you all do tonight.'s Adam McCalvy has also tipped us off that this is, in fact, an annual tradition for Piña. I already can't wait for next year.