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The Brewers honored Prince prior to their series against the Twins, and there was a lot of purple

Major League Baseball has paid tribute to the late Artist Formerly Known as Prince in the past.
The Twins hosted Prince Night in honor of the Minneapolis native in June. The team sported purple shirts with the Prince emblem, fireworks and an epic umbrella show during the seventh-inning stretch.

The memory of the pop music icon still lives on thanks to the Brewers who honored him by wearing his signature color before they flew to Minneapolis prior to their series against the Twins.

Eric Sogard wore a purple and black suit and tie, Ryan Braun dressed -- well, exactly like Prince, and there was an appearance by The Joker. Oh, and a purple T-Rex named Josh Hader. We can't leave out Stephen Vogt who dressed in a Willy Wonka costume.
It was a fun and unique way to pay tribute to a Minnesota legend.