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Brian Cashman compared the Yankees' front office to the Death Star

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has already been busy this offseason. After making early moves to bring back veterans CC Sabathia and Brett Gardner, he traded for Mariners ace James Paxton on Nov. 19, and rumors swirled on Wednesday with the news that a reunion with midseason acquisition J.A. Happ was coming soon.
Cashman held court at the Winter Meetings while the Happ discussions were ongoing and found an apt comparison for his dedicated front office team:

It's a fun thought and it seems fitting. The Yankees have been called "The Evil Empire" for a reason, so the front office team being linked to the power of the Death Star makes sense. Look what it did to Alderaan!

The problem with Cashman's statement is that Yankee Stadium seems to have the roles reversed. Instead of entering to the more appropriate Imperial March, their lineups are introduced to the heroes' celebratory music from the medal ceremony at the end of the original Star Wars.

As for the visitors? They get the Imperial March.

If the Yankees really want to go full heel and embrace the villain's role, they'll start entering games to the Imperial March, pronto. It'd be much more fun than trying to be the good guys.
Considering what happened to the actual Death Star at the end of Star Wars though, maybe it's understandable for Yankee Stadium to shy away from it.