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Stormtroopers stopped by the Marlins broadcast booth and we don't know who they were rooting for

On Friday, NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Marlins Park. He also lifted Judge Judy because, well -- why not? The celebrity cameos continued when Stormtroopers stopped by the Marlins broadcast booth for the team's annual Star Wars night, and their interview was -- very one-sided.
The 9th Annual Star Wars Night at the park provided fans with a Star Wars Solo poster and was followed by a fireworks show. Before the game-ending display, however, the broadcast booth was greeted by Stormtroopers who didn't give Paul Severino and Todd Hollandsworth much to talk about. Severino was curious to know who they were rooting for, and he didn't have much to work with:

The Troopers intimidated the guys quite a bit with their weapons, but we still want to know if they are Team Justin Bour or Team Freddie Freeman. I suppose we will never know.
The Force seemed to be strong with the Braves, though. The team smacked four homers in the 10-5 victory over the Marlins.