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Brian Dozier used a great 10th inning deke to keep Colby Rasmus from scoring

It's a tired old cliche, but it's true: Some of the most important moments don't show up in the box score. Brian Dozier and the Twins used that to great effect in the team's 3-2 loss to the Orioles on Opening Day. With runners at first and second and one out in the bottom of the 10th, the Orioles were threatening -- especially with superstar Manny Machado coming to the plate. 
Fernando Rodney did his best and got the slugger to hit a soft popup. But thanks to baseball's acres of green, green grass, there was room for Machado's blooper to drop. If Colby Rasmus -- standing at second -- saw that, he could have raced around the bases for the winning run. But Dozier was ready. He took a few steps back and, despite the ball falling well behind his head, put his hands up to make the catch. 

It was enough to stop Rasmus at third. The Twins then got a groundout to end the inning. 
Of course, maybe there's a reason this information doesn't go in the box score. Because while it kept the game knotted up, Adam Jones ended things an inning later with a walk-off homer.