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After being inducted into the Giants Wall of Fame, Brian Wilson revealed his softball team is 0-10

If you thought Brian Wilson would be any different after retiring, you thought wrong. OK, there was one difference: The beard was gone.
Before the Giants' 7-1 loss to the Brewers on Saturday, Wilson, Matt Cain and Ryan Vogelsong were inducted into the Giants' Wall of Fame. And Wilson, wearing shoes with pizzas on them, revealed that just like fellow recent retiree Billy Butler, he's on a softball team. The only difference? Unlike Butler's homer-bashing squad, Wilson was just moved to shortstop for an 0-10 team. Somehow, a former big leaguer isn't enough of a ringer to even get a win on the board. 
That's not the only competition he's been taking part in. Wilson also revealed he has come out of crossword retirement -- and he always uses pen instead of pencil. (He even made sure to get a dig in at Giants beat writer Andrew "Baggs" Baggarly with his answer.) 

Please show up and give us interviews every day, Brian.
You can watch more, including answers from Cain and Vogelsong, below: