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Capture all the magic of Wilmer Flores' wild 2015 with this two-sided bobblehead

Wilmer Flores' 2015 season was nothing short of Shakespearean drama. There was the night he thought he had been traded, and couldn't help but tear up at the thought of leaving the Mets:

And then, two days later, when the trade had been rescinded, there was his walk-off homer to put the Mets in first place for good

Triumph and defeat. Joy and pain. Tears and trade rumors. It's too much to encapsulate with just one bobblehead -- but now, thanks to the Mets' Class-A affiliate Brooklyn Cyclones, you don't have to. Presenting "From Tears to Cheers," the story of Wilmer Flores in two faces:

One half is a tearful Flores, believing he's about to be traded to Houston. The other is a much happier Flores, popping his jersey as he heads to home plate. It's the entire emotional spectrum, all on one promotional item -- and no, it's not actually Voldemort, we checked.