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The only thing better than Bruce Bochy's tweet about a parking mishap was Brandon McCarthy's reply

Saturday started out a bit rough for Giants manager Bruce Bochy, as he made his way to SunTrust Park for San Francisco's game with the Braves. Due to a logistical issue, he was denied entry to the media parking lot at the stadium, but eventually made it inside for the usual pregame activities. 
Things worked out pretty well for Bochy after he got to the stadium, considering the Giants beat Atlanta, 11-2, after putting up nine runs in the first four innings -- eight of them against the Braves starter, Brandon McCarthy.
Bochy, who just started up a Twitter account in late April, had fun with the situation accordingly: 

.. but it was McCarthy, one of the game's most consistently entertaining personalities and Twitter users, who helped Bochy's already great tweet transform to some top-tier social media gold:

That's how you tweet.