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Bruce Willis did not live up to his die-hard fans' expectations in his Phillies first pitch

The Phillies had quite the guest star on the field with them at Citizens Bank Park prior to their Wednesday night game against the Brewers: Bruce Willis. The movie star spent a lot of time growing up in southern New Jersey in the shadow of Philadelphia, so it was familiar territory.

Willis got to meet with some of the Phillies and Brewers ...

... and even take some batting practice.

Contrary to the tweet, I don't think these swings are particularly impressive. They're not armageddon levels of quality, but he doesn't seem to have a sixth sense for hitting.

Willis wasn't there solely for a photoshoots and BP, though. He was there to throw the ceremonial first pitch. How would the action star fare? Would he kick butt as always?

Nope. He bounced it ...

... and the Philly crowd let him hear it.

Then again, maybe they were saying "Bruuuuuce" and not "booooo." Hey, it's possible!