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Here's what Bryce Harper would look like if he signed with the ... Mighty Ducks?

The baseball world has been on edge all offseason looking for any clues or hints regarding where free agent Bryce Harper may be taking his talents in 2019 and beyond. There are only so many dots we can try to connect before we have to throw our hands up and just be patient
But the latest from Harper has given us an intriguing look at what he would look like in a non-Nationals uniform -- just not the kind of uniform we might expect:

Harper appears to have received a fresh new jersey for Christmas, that of Mighty Ducks captain Charlie Conway, one of the most iconic players in fictional hockey history. We've recently seen how much Bryce loves hockey through his passionate support of his new hometown team, the Vegas Golden Knights, so it's no surprise to see him flaunt his new threads -- complete with a helmet and rollerblades. 
Harper looks pretty good in a hockey uniform, but let's hope he doesn't spend too much time on skates this offseason and decides to pursue a career as a goal scorer instead of a home run hitter.