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Bryce Harper responded to a week of boos by blasting a homer over the batter's eye

The week didn't get off to a great start for Bryce Harper and the Phillies. As a team, the Phillies lost three games in a dispiriting four-game series against the Brewers. Harper didn't fare any better than his team in that series, recording just two hits and striking out seven times.

Philly fans being Philly fans, the boos rained down upon Harper as his struggles mounted. He took the fans' display of frustration in stride, agreeing that he deserved the boos and hustling to make a couple of fine catches, even risking physical harm.

Of course, only the bat can truly put the boos to rest. He was booed after striking out in his first two at-bats against the Rockies Friday night before receiving a standing ovation after hitting a two-run double in his third trip to the plate.

Doubles are nice, but a nice dinger is the best cure for the boos. On Saturday, Harper delivered with a home run so far that it cleared not just the outfield wall, but two walls beyond that.

We speculated that the boos were giving Harper strength after he made a sliding catch on Monday. Suffice it to say that we've accrued more evidence in support of that phenomenon since then.