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Bryce Harper is a big fan of new Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto ... just saying

(Mike Carlson)

This offseason has already seen one team seemingly attempt to lure a big-name free agent by acquiring some of his friends and family members. But now it might not just be the White Sox giving such a strategy a shot, as the Phillies have officially traded for J.T. Realmuto.
Now, Realmuto also has a case for being the best catcher in baseball, which is reason enough on its own for Philadelphia to get excited. But he does also have a history of impressing a certain outfielder whom the Phillies have been interested in all winter: Bryce Harper.
Many teams had been connected to Realmuto since he first became available on the trade market about a year ago. One of those teams was the Nationals, who were struggling to stay in the NL East race and could have used an impact bat like Realmuto. Prior to the All-Star Game in D.C., Harper was spotted messing around with Realmuto during the NL team photo -- and giving him his Nats hat:

A couple weeks later, Realmuto beat the Nationals with a walk-off single: 

Harper was not especially pleased to have lost a game at the hands of a player he had hoped to have on his side by that point:

Now, Realmuto and Harper won't be able to be teammates in D.C., but could they join forces in Philly? Only time will tell, but with Spring Training just around the corner, we may find out just how much Harper likes Realmuto sooner rather than later.