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Bryce Harper was incredibly relieved he managed to hold on for a snow-cone catch

The human brain is a miraculous piece of natural machinery. It makes your heart beat, your lungs expand and allows hundreds of thoughts to soar through your brain at any time. But give it one more thing than it can handle and everything can fall apart, like when you leave the house but forgot to take your keys.
Bryce Harper had the baseball equivalent of a brain lockup during Friday's 4-2 loss to the Mets. With a runner on second base in the bottom of the sixth, Harper camped underneath José Reyes' fly ball. But he didn't follow the Little Leaguers golden rule -- always keep your eye on the ball -- as he started thinking about the runner before he had squeezed the ball tight. 
Though he managed to snow cone the catch, just look at his face as he stares into his glove:  

Once the terror of almost certain disaster was gone, Harper's experienced full-body relief. Feel free to use this GIF the next time you leave your wallet at the bar, your lunch on the kitchen table or show up to your doctor's office the day before your appointment: