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Seven of Buck Showalter's most memorable Orioles moments

It's the end of an era. According to sources, Buck Showalter's reign as the king (OK, fine, manager) of the Orioles is at an end. You know what will never end? The memories he left behind. Let's look back at some of our favorite Showalter moments from his time in the Orioles dugout: 

He knows nothing about "Star Wars"

At this point, I think even unborn children know about "Star Wars" thanks to cultural osmosis. Somehow, Showalter remained above the fray: 

The many expressions of Buck Showalter

It's a kaleidoscope of emotion! 

descriptionHe still loves a prank

Just because he's a stoic presence in the dugout doesn't mean he doesn't have a good sense of humor, as evidenced by when he pranked Darren O'Day: 

He was the king of the press conference

What are we going to do without Showalter press conferences to guide us through our days? 

His favorite baseball movie is "The Sandlot"

He clearly has impeccable taste

He never wears the uniform top, but he does wear stirrup socks every day

As we said before: Impeccable taste. 


He is not a baby

If anyone was worried that he was trapped in some sort of "Benjamin Button" situation, wonder no more: