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Bucky Dent took the mound and threw a strike before Red Sox-Yankees Game 4

One of the most magical (or heartbreaking) elements of the postseason is how it can give unsuspecting players huge moments on the biggest of stages. We've seen it so far this October with the Brewers' Erik Kratz (and his remarkable back story), for one. 
When considering the most iconic, game-changing home runs in baseball history, one calls to mind Bucky Dent, whose clutch homer in the 1978 AL East tiebreaker game at Fenway Park helped the Yankees win the East en route to a World Series title.
Tuesday's ALDS Game 4 matchup between the Red Sox and Yankees at Yankee Stadium was the perfect opportunity, then, to welcome Dent back to the scene to throw a ceremonial first pitch.

He did a great job, too, as you'll see in full atop this clip.