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Well, Buster Posey somehow got his bat stuck in the protective netting again

What are the odds of getting a bat stuck in the protective netting behind home plate? So many things have to unfold perfectly: The batter has to actually lose the bat, it has to reach the net, and then it has to somehow fly at just the right angle and find its way through a hole. It's the kind of once-in-a-lifetime thing you'll be marveling at for days -- and that once appeared to come during Saturday's Dodgers-Giants game, when Buster Posey whiffed, lost his bat, and then watched as it hung in midair:

Unbelievable. Uncanny. The kind of thing you'll never see again on a baseball field ... well, until the very next day, when Posey once again struck out against the Dodgers, and his bat once again did this:

Sure, the San Francisco beat the Dodgers, 2-1, to take a five-game lead in the NL West. But enough about that -- from here on out we'll be watching Giants games just to see how long Posey can keep this up. At least it was low enough to remove without a ladder this time.