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Buster Posey hit his first homer in two months and was rewarded with the silent treatment

Baseball's an incredibly difficult sport. You know the saying: Even the very best fail seven times out of 10. Sooner or later, everybody goes into a slump. Just look at Buster Posey -- sure, the Giants catcher is probably headed to Cooperstown someday, but heading into Friday's 8-2 win over the Cardinals, it had been two months since his last dinger. 

Note that we said "had been" -- because in the bottom of the fourth, the real Buster Posey finally showed up:


Of course, when you hit your first homer in two months, there's only one appropriate celebration: the silent treatment in the dugout. Luckily, Posey came prepared -- and tried to go bowling with his batting helmet, apparently:


"I'm Buster Posey, and I approve of these dugout hijinks."