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The Cardinals celebrated Yadier Molina's homer with a conga line in the dugout

Homers shouldn't be a drab affair. They're exciting! It's a time to celebrate and the Cardinals' dugout knows it.
So, when Yadier Molina opened the scoring for the Cardinals during their 5-3 win over the Reds on Friday night with a solo blast -- his fifth homer of the season already -- Marcell Ozuna decided to start a conga line behind him once he returned to the dugout:

Molina probably hasn't done the conga since the last wedding he attended, but hey, a homer is as good a time as any to do it!
Perhaps a new tradition has been born as well. The idea came from backup catcher Francisco Peña. "It's just a dance, man," he said to's Joe Trezza. "We just made it up. Now we got to keep it going."
Molina himself led the conga line behind Dexter Fowler when Fowler clubbed a dinger of his own in the sixth:

Let the music of Gloria Estefan guide you, Cardinals.