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Watch out, The Freeze: Michael Wacha wants to race you in a trusty college track uniform

Could you beat the Freeze? Many have gone head-to-head with the Braves' in-game track and field hero, but few have actually emerged victorious (and without falling flat on their face).
However, much in the way classic arcade game consoles would flash the "Here Comes A New Challenger" message when somebody wanted to throw themselves into the proverbial ring, so, too, has Michael Wacha of the Cardinals. As Adam Wainright shared on Twitter on Sunday afternoon, Wacha is up to the challenge:

Alas, a disclaimer: This won't happen as this entire set-up is an elaborate gag. Wacha (a Texas A&M grad) lost a bet to teammate Matt Carpenter, a proud TCU alum. As punishment, Wacha had to wear Carpenter's TCU track and field uniform, exhibited in Wainwright's tweet seen above. 
If you're scoring at home, this makes Wacha the latest on a growing list of ballplayers to (jokingly) challenge the Freeze, after Dee Gordon, Bradley Zimmer and Donald Lutz (who spent time with the Reds in recent years) also put themselves in the mix