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Yairo Munoz's hilariously unnecessary dive on a ball he didn't catch is a meme waiting to happen

Out there on the field, you're giving it 100 percent all the time (or 110, if you believe in the concept of "giving a little extra").

The Cardinals' Yairo Munoz is eager to make an impression on his team and earn a significant role on the roster this season and beyond -- so the 24-year-old is out there trying to do what he can to tip the scales in his favor.

This means, as he demonstrated in Monday's game against the Pirates, going above and beyond even when it isn't necessary. Even when diving for somebody else's fly ball, as he did on a play made instead by Tyler O'Neill, much to the amusement of the Cardinals bullpen:

This seems rife with possibilities for meme magic. The concept of one guy making a play and another guy trying, but failing in spectacular and amusing fashion with a comical slide (and laughing about it all afterward) is baseball comedy gold.

Something like this, but with a more clever caption:

Good job, good effort, Yairo. Keep it up!