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Cardinals prospect Nolan Gorman demonstrated ridiculous hand-eye coordination in a Twitter video

You might know Cardinals prospect Nolan Gorman for his off-the-charts power as a mere teenager. You also might know him for being the first player born in the 21st century to be selected in the MLB Draft.
Gorman would like you to know that he's not all pop and fun facts, though. He's a third baseman as well, and if you don't think he can stick at the hot corner, take a look at this clip of him having some fun with fellow 2018 first-round pick Matthew Liberatore:

Liberatore can touch 97 mph and was the second lefty taken in the 2018 MLB Draft, so he can bring it ... but that didn't slow down Gorman's timing.
Just to prove it wasn't a fluke, Gorman offered a second peek:

Gorman is going to need hand-eye coordination like that at third base in the Majors. Looks like he's already embracing the challenge.