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Trevor Rosenthal wore his Memorial Day camo jersey two days late and nobody told him

Wardrobe malfunctions happen on the baseball diamond -- it's an inevitability thanks to the number of alternate jersey schemes teams use during a given season.
Sometimes, players don a cap inconsistent with the type chosen for a given night, while other times players simply put on the wrong jersey.
Cardinals closer Trevor Rosenthal is now the latest addition to this list, having worn his Memorial Day camouflage jersey prior to the Cards' game with the Brewers on Wednesday afternoon. Yes, two days after Memorial Day.

Jim Edmonds, now a member of the Cardinals' television crew, noted in the clip above that he texted Rosenthal about his mistake -- but Rosenthal was completely unware that he had been wearing the Memorial Day outfit. None of his teammates told him he was in the wrong, either. 
That leaves two possibilities. One, that nobody else noticed Rosenthal was wearing the wrong uniform -- after all, they have a lot to do on gameday and might not pay attention to such things. They have specific routines to stick with, after all. 
The second, and far more amusing scenario, would be that they had in fact noticed his outfit gaffe and chosen not to say anything at all … which, of course, would lead to all kinds of jokes, chuckles, and amusing video clips.