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Carlos Carrasco used his off-day to help the Indians' booth out with play-by-play

Carlos Carrasco didn't pitch on Tuesday. He wasn't scheduled to start, and he wasn't needed anyway, as Josh Tomlin threw five shutout innings en route to a 2-1 Indians victory over the Royals.
To pass the time, Carrasco grabbed a Fox Sports microphone in the bottom of the sixth and gave the Indians' broadcasters a brief reprieve by calling the end of Jose Ramirez's at-bat (as seen in the video above). He seemed to be perfect for it, too, reading Tomlin's pitching line to the viewers before providing his own play-by-play of Ramirez's ground ball to third:
"Swing, ground ball to third base. Got him! Play catch! Throw! Out."
Carrasco's a natural behind the mic, and based on his other goofy reactions to the camera, he's a natural on screen, too:

Watch out, Harry Doyle. Carrasco's coming for your job.