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Carlos Correa had to jump over Jose Altuve to throw out Jose Ramirez at first

Carlos Correa and José Altuve are about as perfect an up-the-middle infield combination as one could imagine. They're both superstars, they have great chemistry and they apparently trust each other enough for one to hurdle the other.
Evidence in regard to the last point came during Thursday night's 8-2 win over the Indians. In the bottom of the first, Jose Ramirez sent a grounder to the right side, where Correa and Altuve were positioned.
Correa ran toward the ball while Altuve began a diving attempt. This caused a minor bit of awkwardness, but Correa had a solution: 

The leap over Altuve worked perfectly, as Correa stayed on his feet and made an accurate throw to first baseman Marwin Gonzalez.
Managed A.J. Hinch liked the improvisation. "They communicate well, either verbally or just maybe their minds think alike," he said to's Ben Weinrib. "They know where each other -- they're very aware of where the guys around them are. That's why we keep them in tandem.
"We also practice out of those positions too. We know where we're at, and if we can't put one guy where they're going to hit it, we're going to put two. And if I could put three there, I'd put three there and make them communicate. We just want to get outs."
Correa got the assist on this play, but let's be honest -- it took two to make the play go right.