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Mookie Betts and the sun teamed up to double on a popup to Carlos Correa

In the second inning of Saturday afternoon's Astros-Red Sox game, Mookie Betts popped up high to Carlos Correa. It was two of baseball's premier young players pitted against each other in a single play -- Betts' bat versus Correa's defense is the kind of moment people pay the price of admission to see, the kind of moment when just the slightest advantage one way or the other can decide the whole thing. 

An advantage like the sun at Fenway Park.


Both Correa and Astros third baseman Luis Valbuena lost the ball to the sun's blinding radiance. Correa simply shifted around with his glove up until the ball reappeared right behind him -- right behind him, as it clipped him on the back on its way down. Betts, who'd been sprinting his way around first, was into second with a two-out double. 

And so Betts triumphed this time. But without the sun, who knows what would've happened? (But not actually without the sun, because the sun is the source of life on Earth, you know?)