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Carlos Gomez surprised a young Rays fan with both a bat and a hug

On Sunday, the Rays put the finishing touches on a perfect Players' Weekend by beating the Red Sox, 9-1, to earn a sweep of the team with the best record in baseball. It was an exciting day at Tropicana Field, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a Rays fan who had a better time than one young man, who was sitting near the Rays' dugout.
Carlos Gómez ("El Final") was resting on Sunday, but he found a very good use of his time. Gomez spotted the aforementioned kid and decided to make his day a memorable one by giving him one of his bats:

The fan's reaction is great, but that's not all that Gomez had in store -- the bat also came with a free hug:

It was an exceptional moment of kindness, but just another day for the fun-loving Gomez, who has always been tremendous with fans from all around baseball.
Keep on being you, Carlos.