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Carlos Gomez went down to a knee and nearly lost his balance on a go-ahead homer

Adrián Beltré isn't the only Rangers player with a penchant to take hacks so large that he drops down to a knee. Carlos Gómez is a fan of the move, too. After Rougned Odor hit an eighth-inning home run to tie Sunday's game against the Rays at 5, Gomez came up looking to give the Rangers the lead. 
And that he did. With a massive swing, Gomez launched one out. Naturally, he dropped to a knee along the way. Unnaturally, he also almost lost his balance -- looking a bit like a puppet being pulled by an unskilled master: 

Or, perhaps he was about to enter a limbo competition. Or, maybe he was auditioning for "Weekend at Bernie's 3: Bernie Bros." 

The point is: Home runs are fun, but Gomez's shot? This was pure art. 
After the game, Gomez joked with's Connor Mount that he wasn't trying to imitate Beltre's signature move. "I'm not trying to imitate anybody," Gomez said. "I don't want to finish like that, either. It was an accident. When you try to finish like this, and you can't find the grip, sometimes you fall. Because the swing is perfect, everything is what I want, and the finish is just an accident."
It's not the first time this year he's pulled one of these, either. "This is the second one, this year. I hit one before the All-Star break against the Blue Jays off [Francisco] Liriano," Gomez said. "But not much like this. I don't like it to happen like this, but it looked funny."<o:p>