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Carlos Gomez accidentally wore Nomar Mazara's Rangers jersey before their game on Tuesday

Nomar Mazara and Carlos Gomez can often be seen together patrolling the Rangers' outfield. If they had not noticed one small problem prior to their Tuesday night game against the Orioles, the fans at Camden Yards would have had an awfully difficult time telling them apart.
What was the faux pas? Well, it was fairly obvious:

Last we checked, the Rangers did not secretly employ a Gomez clone whose last name is Mazara -- not until they perfect their Prestige-caliber technology, anyway. As the Rangers' broadcast noted, it seemed like Gomez accidentally donned Mazara's jersey during pregame until his teammates told him.
At least the D-backs' Fernando Rodney could sympathize. He was wearing the wrong jersey when he was about to enter a game in 2014 with the Mariners.