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Carlos Gomez is reportedly bringing his non-stop fun show to the Rays

(Ron Jenkins)

There are some players that deserve your attention. That's 98.637221 percent of Major Leaguers. Then there are those that reach through the TV and demand your attention every time they step near the field. 
Carlos Gómez, who the Rays reportedly inked to a one-year deal on Wednesday, belongs in that second camp. Entering his age-32 season, the center fielder may no longer have the legs to swipe 40 bags again, but he's got a unique combination of power and speed that few in the game can match. He is the only big leaguer with at least 12 home runs and 12 steals in each of the last six seasons. 
However, he also has that extra spark that electrifies the crowd each time he comes to the plate.
You know the saying, go big or go home? That's Gomez's modus operandi in all facets of his game. Yes, he somehow hit a home run on this swing: 

Let's look at it in another angle: 

To be fair, he does this lot:

And yet, he also has the skill to race down balls over his head, pulling off the Willie Mays move with aplomb: 

Or leap over the wall to bring one back: 

But more importantly, he's a meme master (hello fellow kids!). Want salt bae? He'll bring you salt bae: 

You want muscles? He'll bring muscles:

And he'll display that strength in a variety of ways. From breaking bats:

To smashing massive homers: 

He's also getting ready for his post-baseball career. So any Rays fans looking for medical advice, well, you could do worse: 

But what really makes Gomez such a special player to watch, isn't what he does on the field, but how he does it. He looks like he's having as much fun as we would if we were gifted with the ability to play Major League Baseball.