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A Carlos Gonzalez blast destroyed a fan's beer at the T-Mobile Home Run Derby

Baseballs crashing into things can lead to great fun for the viewer -- when they land in a full container of concession-stand fare or a full cup of beer. 
The T-Mobile Home Run Derby, then, is the perfect opportunity for dingers to collide with things that aren't really meant to absorb the blow of a line drive crushed by one of the game's premier power hitters. 
One fan in right-center at Petco Park witnessed this firsthand when Rockies slugger Carlos Gonzalez cleared the fence for a homer. Neither the fan nor his friend had gloves at the ready, though they did have plastic cups of beer:

As we've seen recently in vivid detail, beer receptacles are not equipped to deal with catching baseballs out of the air. This guy found out the hard way, though it does make for a fun story.