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According to Carlos Rodon, the White Sox home run chain is way heavier than you think

The White Sox roster is currently in the midst of a revitalizing youth movement that has seen a number of younger players step into key roles. And with that youthful batch of players has come a whole lot of fun. Most notably, the team has been deploying a wonderful and enormous home run chain that gets bequeathed to a hitter whenever he smacks a long ball.

Before it gets handed out in the event of a homer, the White Sox have the most recent winning pitcher begin the game wearing the bling. This means that even though While Sox rotation ace Carlos Rodón has never smashed himself a big league dinger, his five wins and 2.49 ERA over his last ten starts have given him the privilege of wearing the chain in the dugout a few times.

We caught up with Carlos recently to ask just how heavy that oversized piece of definitely real jewelry really is. We also hypothesized with Rodon about what it would be like to pitch with the chain on, how bad he wants to get his first big league dinger and if he can remember the last time he actually hit a ball over a fence in a game.
Check out the video at the top of the post for the full interview.