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Once again, Carlos Villanueva fooled Jayson Werth on a majestic, 55-mph eephus pitch

Nearly three years ago, the Cubs' Carlos Villanueva froze Jayson Werth on the 57-mph eephus pitch heard 'round the world. It was beautiful for Cubs/eephus fans, but terrifying for Werth. Check it out below:

Pitching for the Padres during their 10-6 win over the Nationals on Sunday, Villanueva and Werth squared off yet again. And in the bottom of the fifth inning, the right-hander unleashed the floater again -- this time at 55 mph -- leaving Werth with a "C'mon man, really?" type of reaction.

Werth ended up striking out on a fastball of the 85-mph variety on the very next pitch.
Hopefully, after seeing the Villanueva eephus twice in 12 plate appearances, the Nats outfielder is adequately prepared next time.