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Case Keenum's 'omg' reaction to Vikings TD was just like Anthony Rizzo's 'omg' WS reaction

We know it's the offseason in baseball, so many players, unable to play, are embracing every NFL moment they can on TV. Especially when there are games like the one that took place on Sunday night -- a situation that reminded a certain Cubs player of a certain teammate.
The Vikings pulled off a stunner in Minneapolis when receiver Stefon Diggs scored the game-winning 61-yard touchdown as the time ticked away on the clock:

Quarterback Case Keenum was in disbelief as the play went down, and thanks to a quick eye by Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber, we were reminded of teammate Anthony Rizzo's very similar reaction in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series.
Here is Keenum after the play:

And here's Rizzo after the play: 

Uncanny, right?