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Cats do not care what you’re doing and will continue to do whatever the hell they want

Oh, you're trying to play a football game?

You have a stadium, you bring in a big crowd, you broadcast it all on Monday night in front of millions of TV viewers. You want a competitive matchup. This is Monday Night Football! You want lots of points and good defense and long runs and all that stuff coach Al Pacino talks about.

Cats, though? Cats could give a damn about anything you want.

Cats don't care about sports games. They don't care about tickets or field boundaries or turnstiles or rules. The entire world is for them and them alone. They've taken over the oldest stadium on earth. They do this kind of stuff constantly.

Don't even try to stop them.

Cats didn't care about this guy, and they don't care about you.

They'll break into your basement and live there for years without you knowing. They'll wait around that cool new bird feeder you put up and take out entire bird families. They'll let you pet them for 10 minutes and then turn around and claw your face off.

I've been around cats forever. I had one for 15 years as a child and currently, for some reason, have three in the house I'm sitting in now. They're circling the kitchen island like sharks. Maybe they're looking for attention, but also, probably, they're planning how they might chop me up and eat me for dinner.

You never know what's going through their heads. Do they like me? (They don't). I think they like me. But maybe they don't? Is it a trick? (Yes, they really don't care about you).

They keep you guessing (even though they shouldn't) and, no matter if you're eating or going to the bathroom or just trying to play an important game on national TV, they will find you. Because they're cats. Cats do whatever they want and, honestly, we should all admire them for it.