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Adorable wayward cat storms field at Angel Stadium, just can't wait for Friday the 13th

Just minutes before the calendar flipped to Friday the 13th, a cat decided to start the celebration early by commandeering the middle of the field during the Angels and Cardinals game on Thursday night.
Unfortunately for fans of maximum spookiness, this little guy isn't a black cat -- the patron saint of all things occult. That'd have been rife for conversations about bad luck, curses and the like.

Instead, we get an orange feline making a mad dash through the infield and into the stands, before being corralled by an Angels staffer. He almost stole third base, but is disqualified due to not actually running the bases in the correct order. But hey, good effort!
What does this all mean? Probably nothing, but then again cats have a certain … allure and mystique about them. Just look back to the infamous "Black Cat Game" that claimed the Cubs as a victim in 1969 as an example of the menace they can wreak. 

You never quite know just what they're up to, so we'll have to wait and see if this cat's visit to the Big A yields any noteworthy developments in the future. You know, something that sounds ridiculous -- like Mike Trout getting even better. 
The Angels scored two runs shortly after this kitty's visit, so maybe he's a Rally Cat? That'd fit in with the Halos' infamous "Rally Monkey," after all. And back in 2014 a tuxedo cat paid a visit  -- and wound up elevated to scoreboard material, too.
As for the immediate aftermath,'s Alden Gonzalez passed along a nice update shortly after his on-field escapade: