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These dramatic Charlie Blackmon photos are weird and wonderful

No one in baseball looks like Charlie Blackmon. The All-Star Rockies outfielder has been rocking the mullet/thick beard combo for a few years now and it's become perhaps the most iconic hair situation in the league right now. It's also important to mention that Blackmon's dinger-knocking capabilities are magically tied to the length of his facial hair.

His unique look is also a great reflection of his personality: Unforgivingly different, delightfully quirky and memorable for its refreshing bluntness. Blackmon is, and always will be, his own dude -- the type of guy who was driving his high school Jeep to the ballpark as recently as 2016.

The one-of-a-kind ballplayer continued doing his thing during Rockies picture day Wednesday afternoon. Check out these photos.

What's that smell...Freedom

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Bless this man. He looks as if he just won the Olympic gold medal for something like "wilderness survival" after spending three weeks alone in a forest. 

All the love to Blackmon for embracing his genuine weirdness. There are few guys in baseball I'd rather go camping with than him -- both because I think he'd be entertaining and because I bet he's super good at fire building and definitely knows which berries are poisonous.