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Charlie Blackmon wore ridiculous fishing waders at the Rockies' on-field casting competition

On Saturday, the Rockies held a little team-building activity and hosted their first Colorado Casting Contest at Spring Training. According to manager Bud Black, the idea came from pitchers Wade Davis and Shane Broyles.

"Davis said that he could throw a lure in somebody's mouth from a great distance," said Black to's Owen Perkins. "And he ended up winning!"

The true winner, however, was Charlie Blackmon, who stole the show by bringing his fishing waders:

Blackmon obviously did not come to mess around.

Seeing Blackmon in the waders is no surprise -- he went fly fishing with Nolan Arenado in the offseason and previously fished on The Sportsman Channel's "The Most Wanted List."

Blackmon's reeling game appeared to be on point as well:

Blackmon's skipper was amused. "You saw Charlie's outfit," said Black. "Charlie's an avid fly fisherman, as you know in Colorado. He loves that. A little internal competition there."

Although Blackmon didn't win, he had to be the uncontested champion in the "Best Dressed" division. Next up? A Denver-area celebrity fishing competition with the Broncos' Von Miller.