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Chase Utley's teammates/adopted sons gave him a rocking chair with engraved Dodgers and Phillies logos

Chase Utley is the Dodgers' collective father, role model and utility man all rolled into one. For months, the outpouring of love between the soon-to-be-retiring Utley and his teammates/adopted children -- most notably and amusingly Enrique Hernandez -- has hit amazing levels of dedication (dad-ication?). 
On Friday, Utley's Dodgers will open up the National League Championship Series against the Brewers in Milwaukee. It's unclear at this point if he will be on the roster for the series, but he'll likely be around the team either way.
To make him as comfortable as possible for his very last chance at October glory, his teammates gifted him something really nice: a personalized rocking chair.

It has Dodgers and Phillies logos engraved on it! That's better than whatever you got your dad for Father's Day, probably. It's not quite rocking-chair-made-out-of-broken-bats status, but it's close.
Just look at that smile:

He's positively beaming.