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On Chase Utley Bobblehead Night, his sons -- and adopted son Enrique Hernandez -- shared the spotlight

On Wednesday, the Dodgers held Chase Utley Bobblehead Night for their game against the Cardinals, paying tribute to the gritty veteran infielder with his own special evening. 
This was also, of course, an opportunity for the latest update to the ongoing story that is Enrique Hernández, essentially Utley's adopted son. The pair have forged a strong relationship during their time as teammates, inspiring a hilarious T-shirt along the way. 
Utley's actual sons were pretty happy to see their "big brother" before the game: 

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When it was time to deliver that phrase uttered before every game at Dodger Stadium, public address announcer Todd Leitz made sure to introduce the group as "Chase Utley ... and his sons!":

Chase's father (like, his actual father, all jokes aside) was also there for the evening (wearing that shirt mentioned above):

Dads and Utleys everywhere!