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Kenta Maeda lost control of his bat, so Chase Utley helpfully applied some extra pine tar

Kenta Maeda isn't what you would call a hitting expert. The Dodgers signed him out of Japan to pitch, after all, and he's batting just .126 over the last two seasons. So it's understandable that, faced with Major League pitching, things would go a little haywire at the plate -- as they did during Sunday's game against the Rockies, when Maeda took a healthy cut ... and lost control of his bat.
Luckily for Maeda, though, he had a teammate there to lend a hand. The bat just happened to roll near Chase Utley in the on-deck circle, and before he handed the lumber back, the 15-year veteran helped out his pitcher with a quick pine tar application:

What else are teammates for? The division-winning Dodgers will host the winner of the NL Wild Card Game (Rockies/D-backs) on Friday, Oct. 6 at 7:31 p.m. ET/10:31 p.m. PT on TBS.