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NYC vs SF: Which NL Wild Card team's city is better?

The Mets will host the Giants in the NL Wild Card Game at Citi Field tonight at 8 p.m. ET (ESPN). The matchup should be epic -- featuring Noah Syndergaard vs. Madison Bumgarner. New York took the regular-season series 4-3, winning two of three in Queens and splitting the four-game set at AT&T Park 

Fact is, it's going to be a truly wild Wild Card Game, so even if you're not a fan of either team, you need to have a side to cheer for. We're here to help you decide with this city-by-city breakdown.

Most Iconic TV Show

New York City has been the home to hundreds of television programs over the years, but its most quoted, most referenced and most well-known has to be the one about nothing:

Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George won 10 Emmys and three Golden Globes together over a nine-year span, feats that consistently put the Larry David creation on almost any top ten all-time list you'll read. The apartment-living, the diner-eating and the awkward encounters are all very New York-y. Also, for our sake, one of the best episodes includes a strong baseball connection (and magical loogie).

There's Monk, there's the Silicon Valley tech bros, but as far as iconic, there's only one answer for San Francisco. Mostly because of that opening montage. JUST LOOK AT IT:

Yes, that was the extended version because I know that's what you wanted. Alamo Square and the houses of "Postcard Row," both pictured in the intro, have become so entrenched in pop culture that they're generally a must-visit when touring the city. "That's great that you walked the Golden Gate Bridge, but did you see the Full House house??" The eight-season sitcom also helped launch the careers of the Olson twins, Bob Saget and Jessie and the Rippers.

Better nickname

San Francisco has SF, Fog City, The Paris of the West, The Golden City, The City and The City by the Bay. Just don't call it Frisco.

New York has been called NYC, The Big Apple, Gotham, Empire City, The City that Never Sleeps, The Capital of the World and, as Joc Pederson refers to it, The Big Tomato.

Weirder monster attack

What has eight legs, rotating eyes and enough strength to break the Golden Gate Bridge in two? A giant octopus in "It Came from Beneath the Sea":

New York withstood King Kong, Godzilla and aliens, but one of its toughest and strangest foes had to be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in "Ghostbusters":

Best song not by Tony Bennett or Frank Sinatra

Bennet and Sinatra wrote arguably the most famous songs about each city with "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" and "New York, New York." But we wanted to dig a little deeper for some other lesser-known tunes. For SF, Otis Redding's "Sitting On the Dock of the Bay" captures a nice visual of the bay, ships rolling in and out and Otis just sitting there on a dock watching it all unfold before him. That sounds relaxing, and hey, maybe he was in prime position to catch a Barry Bonds home run?

New York has literally hundreds of songs written about it -- from rappers to legendary lyricists to electronica-turned-balladers. But one of the best to capture the chaos and energy and feeling when you first land in JFK or Laguardia airport has to be KISS' anthem:

Better food staples

New Yorkers will sometimes go entire weeks eating a steady diet of pizza, pizza and more pizza. There are 362 joints in Manhattan alone. Oh, and by New Yorkers, we mean all New Yorkers:

San Francisco is known for its Mission burrito -- a larger take on a regular burrito with extra rice, a steamed tortilla, shredded meat and green peppers. The style has spread across the U.S. (New York included), the U.K. and Canada. San Franciscans love their burritos and everyone else loves them too.

 By the numbers! 

Category New York City San Francisco
Date of founding 1624 1776
Population 8.5 million 864,816
Restaurants Guy Fieri has visited 19 21
Better animated movie set in the city Bee Movie Inside Out
Best island names Rat Island Treasure Island