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Before Yoenis Cespedes, Chris Archer broke a diamond necklace playing baseball

Earlier this season, we saw what happens when a diamond necklace snaps during play. While sliding into second base, Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes scattered diamonds all over the infield. It led, first, to frustration, and, then, to a meticulous clean-up effort to find and gather each individual diamond that was lost:

It turns out that Cespedes was not the first to lose a bunch of diamonds while playing baseball. As Joon Lee of Bleacher Report reported Tuesday, Rays pitcher Chris Archer had a similar incident while warming up in the Rogers Centre bullpen. His necklace got caught on his jersey, and, when he went to throw a pitch, it snapped.

A similar cleanup effort ensued as the whole bullpen stepped up to help. "Archer picked up half the diamonds, while the other guys managed to find most of the other half," Lee reported. "Only three diamonds went missing." We imagine the scene looked a bit like this:

"It happens and it's going to happen again," Archer told Lee. "You just chalk it up as an L. It's an expensive L, but it's an L." On the bright side, these instances seem to produce fruitful team-building moments.