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Chris Archer thinks he should get the Rays' new Kevin Kiermaier bobblehead for free

Bobblehead photo via Rays.

In April, the Rays will give out a Kevin Kiermaier bobblehead, depicting the time he did his best Mike Trout impression to rob Manny Machado of a home run. The Platinum Glove, which Kiermaier won last season in part due to plays like that, is a nice touch:


With what is sure to be a popular bobblehead, Rays fans are probably already lining up to get one. Rays players, it turns out, are also laying claims. Chris Archer, as the pitcher who (unfortunately) made the moment possible, argues that he deserves a free one.

But does he? Let's consider the evidence.


Argument: Without Archer very nearly giving up a home run, Kiermaier would not have even had the opportunity to make the above play, leaving him without one additional leaping, home-run robbing catch and perhaps costing him the Platinum Glove Award, erasing this particular bobblehead from existence. 

Counterargument: Kiermaier is the reason this was very nearly a home run and not simply a home run.

Decision: If we're being fair, Archer probably owes Kiermaier a bobblehead for saving him a run. You can see it right there in Archer's reaction -- that's definitely a "Man, now I gotta get Kevin a bobblehead" face. But hey, let's just say it was a team effort.