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This looks like special effects trickery but it's actually Padres phenom Chris Paddack throwing a pitch

It's hard to believe what you see with your own eyes sometimes. Movies and television fill our heads with the unbelievable, things like dragons flying and spitting fire, tornadoes made out of sharks and other associated nonsense.

I promise you, though, that what you see below these words is not special effects. It's not CGI. It's not manipulated imagery. It's just Chris Paddack being absolutely ridiculous with his off-speed stuff.

I'm sorry, Jarrod Dyson. I'm so sorry. You didn't even have a chance.

This pitch came in the first inning of Monday night's D-backs-Padres game from Petco Park, and I'm not saying Paddack is a witch, but ... that's some straight-up magic. Dark magic, even, since it's deceptive and dastardly and made Dyson's bat a mere suggestion, rather than something that could actually hit that pitch.

Nobody's hitting that pitch. And stuff like this is why Paddack is earning a reputation as one of the most buzzed-about young pitchers in the game right now.