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To celebrate his Major League debut, Chris Paddack and his family dressed as cowboys

Everyone wants to make a good impression on their first day at work. You probably wake up a little earlier than you normally would, make sure to eat a good breakfast and don your freshest clothes.

Baseball players are no different, except for the fact that a Major League debut also can involve an entire entourage of family and friends. For Padres pitcher Chris Paddack's debut, they all dressed to the nines to make a good impression, starting with the man himself walking in looking like the protagonist in a Western movie.

His family and friends weren't able to get jerseys and shirseys to support their favorite player. So, they just showed their love by adopting his fashion sense.

Paddack's effort to bring his best on his first day on the job didn't stop with his outfit. On the mound, he struck out the side in his first inning of work, showing off a changeup that had Giants hitters off balance.

After the game Paddack was able to catch up with his fan section to heartwarming results.

Our only wish is for Paddack to keep the cowboy outfit in his rotation beyond his debut. Who needs a jersey when a cowboy hat serves the same purpose?