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The Padres paid tribute to Ron Burgundy and company by unveiling their new Anchorman race

The Padres are embracing a brand-new look in 2019. They have Manny Machado patrolling third base! Fernando Tatis Jr. is up from the Minors! Ron Burgundy is a Petco Park regular!

Yes, that Ron Burgundy.

The Anchorman Race is a new addition to the in-game entertainment, and it made its debut during the Padres-Giants game on Friday:

It's good to see that the original Channel 4 news team all made it back to San Diego for the race. Burgundy winning the first contest was a slam dunk. The man is kind of a big deal.

Now, if the news team can reenact this jump in that bulky garb after the Anchorman Races, then we'll really be impressed.