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Chris Stratton somehow lucked his way into a 1-5 double play on an 89.4-mph comebacker

In the bottom of the third inning of the Giants' 3-1 loss to the Marlins at Marlins Park, Chris Stratton found himself in a tought spot.
With runners on second and third and just one out, the right-hander was facing Miami's Miguel Rojas, and probably hoping for some kind of weakly-hit grounder, popup or strikeout. He didn't get that. Instead, Rojas smacked a pitch right back toward the pitcher's mound, seemingly destined for center field and a two-run single.
But fortune shined down upon Stratton, and instead he found a way out of the jam:

You can do all the PFP drills you'd like, but that type of thing can only happen by sheer luck and some good reflexes.