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The right-field fence basically eating a baseball struck by Christian Yelich was an odd scene

One of the stylistic flourishes of Oracle Park in San Francisco is the arcade beyond the right-field warning track, which serves as a pretty great viewing area for fans interested in watching a few innings of the action. This area has a fence which basically acts as a gate, and that gate came into play during Sunday's game against the Brewers.

In the second inning, Christian Yelich slapped a line-drive toward the right-field wall, where ... it just kind of disappeared? I mean, that's literally what happened. The ball bounded toward the gate opening on its way through the fence, where it crashed into the arms of a surprised fan.

If there's ever an example of hitting the ball too well, this is it. Yelich's ground-rule double had a 117.9-mph exit velocity ... but getting absorbed by the padding in the wall robbed him of an RBI, as the runner had to return to third base.

The takeaway, clearly, is to hit the ball more weakly next time.