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You haven't seen fear like Daniel Murphy almost getting run down by a team of racing teeth mascots (?)

Nobody likes going to the dentist, and if somebody tells you they do, they're lying. It's too quiet, the music's usually bad, the magazines in the waiting room are all out of date or boring and, oh yeah, actual dental procedures are terrifying.

Also terrifying is nearly getting run over by a trio of human-size anthropomorphic teeth while going about your business on the baseball diamond. That's what happened to the Rockies' Daniel Murphy during a between-innings on-field race in Wednesday's game against the Nats.

Everything about Murphy's reaction, from the glove toss to throwing his arms up (you can practically hear him screaming, "AHHH WHAT IS THIS WHAT'S GOING ON??") is perfect, and it's also pretty impressive that none of the racing teeth took a tumble or fell on their quest for mascot race victory.

And, Murphy didn't get crushed by some giant molars, which would be a rough development all around.

Everybody wins! Especially us, because we get to watch this sequence like we get to brush our teeth every day: over and over and over and over ...