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You will not be able to unsee the way Todd Frazier apparently eats pancakes

I tried to really let it sit in my mind. To let the image wash over me. To carefully consider every possible reason for its existence. "Maybe it's just a next-generation syrup technique, like a sugary lake," I thought. "Maybe the chocolate chips were weirdly distributed. Maybe he finally found all those UFOs I've been hearing about, and he's trying to call to them, like a Close Encounters sequel."

But about 12 hours later, I'm still at a complete loss to explain why Todd Frazier eats only the centers of his pancakes like some kind of sociopath:

Pancakes aren't cookies -- there's no meaningful difference between the edge and the middle, and if there is, you really need to find another place to get pancakes. Why would someone do this! Isn't it just a harder way to eat the same food? Am I going to slowly go insane while running this through my mind for 36 consecutive hours? Can someone please help me?